Kiki’s Corridor



Project Summary


Kiki is a rancher whose property is adjacent to La Reserva Forest Foundation, just outside the municipality of Tilaran Costa Rica, overlooking the shore of Lake Arenal and the towering silhouette of Volcán Arenal. The primary forest at La Reserva serves as a local wildlife refuge for many species along the continental divide that surrounds the lake. Another large forest patch on private property is located to the west of La Reserva separated by open pasture on Kiki’s land. La Reserva coordinated an easement along the fence line of Kiki’s property as a 1 km long by 10 m wide biological corridor to connect the two existing forests and allow forest dependent wildlife to migrate from one patch to another.



The Problem

The contract for protecting the easement only lasted for a five year period. The contract expired in 2012 and there is currently no legal protection for the corridor, nor any maintenance or improvements happening to increase its ecological viability. Additionally La Reserva is raising the funds to enter into another five year contract with Kiki to pay for ecosystem services this corridor provides. The budget for this project includes: funds to repair sections of the fence to keep livestock from damaging the corridor, maintenance to cut back some of the exotic grasses suppressing tree seedlings from growing, and to fill in gaps along the corridor where past tree seedlings have died.


The Solution

It addresses the loss and degradation of forests by restoring 1 ½ hectares of land with native trees. The project also provides a hands-on opportunity for students from the local school to learn how to implement a native reforestation project from start to finish by collecting the seedlings, establishing the nursery, planting and maintenance of the new forest. It’s a win-win: the project restores tropical forest and strengthens the relationship that local youth have with it.

The reforested area bisects a pasture, providing an essential corridor for wildlife.

The narrow corridor stretches for 1 km and connects to the 40 hectare land of La Reserva

Overgrowth of grasses inhibits seedling growth. With minimal maintenance a natural forested ecosystem can be sustained.

Fence lines protect the corridor from intruding livestock


Hours planting

School Children

Total Cost

Potential Long-Term Impact:

Carbon Sequestration


The tropical forest and habitat this project creates will sequester and store CO2


Additional Environment Impact

This project also provides a habitat and shelter for flora and fauna. as well as help maintain soil and water quality.


Educational Compenent

The educational component of this project is so important because i t will inform and
influence a generation of environmental stewards whose decisions and actions will
determine the health of Costa Rica’s natural resources in the future. They are the future
“Guardians of the Forest.”

Cost Breakdown

  • Trees and Supplies 18%
  • Transportation 6.5%
  • Planting and Maintenance 19%
  • Supervision 22%
  • Workers Comp Insurance 1%
  • Meals & Refreshment 1.5%
  • Environment Services 16.5%
  • Administration 9%

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