Patron and Corporate Sponsors

Photograph by Jennie Hill


Sir Ghillean Prance is the patron of La Reserva Forest Foundation.

Sir Ghillean Tolmie Prance is a prominent British botanist and ecologist who has published extensively on the taxonomy of families such as Chrysobalanaceae and Lecythidaceae, but drew particular attention in documenting the pollination ecology of Victoria amazonica.

Since his retirement he has remained very active, notably involving himself with the Eden Project. Prance, a devout Christian, is currently the chair of A Rocha and was president of Christians in Science 2002–08. He is actively involved on environmental issues, a trustee of the Amazon Charitable Trust, and a Vice-President of the Nature in Art Trust.

Corporate Sponsors

Strack Transportation

Strack Transportation and LRFF have teamed up to offset the carbon emitted by the transportation company. The original agreement was to plant 9,000 trees in a one year partnership. Strack has continued the partnership and has remained committed to being a green company.

Etnies/Sol Technologies

Sol Technologies and their subsidiary Etnies partnered with LRFF to plant 35,000 trees for the Rio Sol Project in conjunction with the Buy a Shoe Plant a Tree Program.

Etnies, along with some of their Pro Surfers/Skaters, came down to visit La Reserva. See their visit here

Giant Studios

Giant Studios is a motion capture studio that has worked on many major films, including Avatar. After their work on Avatar they were inspired to help save the environment and found LRFF. In partnership, LRFF and Giants Studios completed Project Hometree and planted 8,000 trees. The Na’vi would be proud.