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La Reserva Forest Foundation has partnered with world famous reggae band Rootz Underground in their amazing Releaf campaign.  Rootz Underground and La Reserva Forest Foundation are collaborating to use Rootz’s music, message, and fan base and La Reserva’s expertise, resources, and mission in order to restore the world’s tropical forests and educate anyone who listens. They sing and spread the word, we plant and help educate. We are extremely excited to join such a talented and forward-minded group in our goal of Planting Trees and Spreading Seeds.

Rootz Underground started their 2013 tour series in Miami, Florida on April 18th, 2013! Check out the flier below. This is an amazing opportunity, please support us by donating to the Releaf campaign today!

Western Journey tour poster Releaf




Check out some of the amazing work that we have been doing in the below pictures. You can help us to continue this great work by donating now!

plantingtime e1327372726364 Releaf

Digging the first hole in the second stage planting of the Rio Sol Biological Corridor

loadingthetruck e1327372854959 Releaf

Loading the trees from the nurseries into the tractor
to be transported to the planting site

carryingthetrees e1327372885692 Releaf

Hand carrying the young trees in boxes from a nursery
off the beaten path to the road

nursery e1327372917695 Releaf

The communal nursery in Palenque Tonjibe. Trees for the second stage planting of Rio Sol project

plantingteam e1327372956550 Releaf

The Rio Sol planting team
From left, Ivar, Chavo, Allan, Chico, Maikol, Deibys, Estefan, Jose and Fabian



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