Many do not realize just how easy it is to volunteer at La Reserva Forest Foundation.



volunteers planting Volunteer

Volunteers planting at La Reserva


In the United States, we operate in a virtual work environment and need grant writers, administrative assistants and others who can assist us in our environmental work.

If you would like to actively support LRFF and gain impressive work experience for your CV become a LRFF Fundraiser! 

Fundraising and Promotion demonstrates the vital skills that employers and school administrators love to see. However big or small your campaign LRFF will recommend you and your work and help you put it on your CV. It’s the ideal way to support LRFF and the projects you feel passionate about and gain important work experience.

Here’s how:

An easy way to officially receive donations is via our CrowdRise page. Simply follow the link below to the LRFF page and click ‘Create a Fundraiser’ option at the bottom of the page. In just two minutes you will have an official fundraising page for your supporters to safely donate to and track your campaign’s progress. All donations are tax deductible as well.

CrowdRise is great fun and the campaign is up to you! Maybe you have a great idea for a campaign, or an event you could raise sponsorship for. Whatever your idea we want to hear about it and support you, so please get in touch and let’s get fundraising!

charlotte Volunteer

Working as executive assistant at La Reserva


Working at La Reserva Forest Foundation as an intern in forestry or administration will give you an integral exposure to everything you need to know in your chosen field.

Coming to Costa Rica is also easier than you’d think! Plane tickets are only about $450 (Search the price from your city to San Jose, Costa Rice at Kayak.com). Once you get to Costa Rica, you are housed with a nearby family who provides 3 meals a day for only $15/day. Not only do you get to help a great and crucial cause, you also get an inexpensive vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. By either helping out in the nursery or by planting trees, you will be surrounded by the captivating forest and wildlife of Costa Rica. It is an opportunity not to be missed and one to be shared for a lifetime.

Now read about the great experiences of some of our volunteers!

Contact us so that we may assist you in your stay.


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