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The GREEN student group at Papa Loco, the 400+ year old Ceiba pentandra tree
in the La Reserva forest preserve


We offer tours of the tropical rain forest at La Reserva in the Tilarán Mountains overlooking Lake Arenal in Costa Rica.


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Entrance sign at La Reserva forest walk


It is a delight to see students and tourists who come from all around the world become converts after only two hours in the forest listening, looking, smelling, and touching. Visitors are ecstatic upon return to headquarters. This response has shown us time and again, that we can make a difference.


R and students Take a Tour

La Reserva’s CEO Roberta teaching students about the forest


cana agria Take a Tour

Roberta teaching about the amazing Caña Agria flower


Take the tour with Roberta:


If you are traveling to Costa Rica and would like a walking tour of La Reserva’s forest reserve, please make arrangements by phone or email. We offer two- and four-hour guided walks through the reserve along marked trails. Special arrangements can be made for night-time tours.


TOUR educational groups Take a Tour

A student group setting off on the forest walk


It’s a perfect destination if you’re just passing through the area and have a couple of hours you’d like to fill with a quality experience and an enormous quantity of life.


Two hour forest walk – $10/person

Four hour forest walk – $20/person

Night forest walk (about 2 hours) – $20/person

Young children – Half price ($5/each)

Group packages available – Contact us at (011) 507 8856-2977 in Costa Rica

GROUPSx360 Take a Tour

At the end of the tour, everyone back and happy!

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