How You Can Help


Here at La Reserva Forest Foundation, we cannot do all the work by ourselves. We need as much help as we can get from everyone out there! There are many ways to help La Reserva’s cause and aspirations.

The easiest is to simply tell your friends and family about the La Reserva Forest Foundation and direct them to here or our Facebook page. We want to plant seeds in people’s head with the information we have gathered over the years and keep people educated. Hopefully by spreading our ideas to as many people as possible, others will begin to take up our cause and plant trees and forests throughout the world!

If you would like to help our cause directly and see the immediate results, you can donate to one of our many wonderful projects (see the Projects tab on the menu bar above). By donating you are making the project possible to complete and maintain. Without the generous contributions from amazing people, we would not be able to complete any of our important projects.

We have also just been nominated for a Classy Award. You can show your support for us here, and even donate or become a fundraiser via their page!

Another way you can help out directly if by coming to LRFF in Costa Rica and volunteer on one of the  many projects. Without volunteers to work on our projects, they would be impossible to complete! You can find more information about volunteering by clicking here. You can also read about past volunteers and their stories at LRFF by clicking here.

Lastly, you can come to La Reserva Forest Foundation and get a tour from either Tomas or Roberta. They will educate you on the plants and animals, enabling you to go out and spread the word and learn why it is so important to do so. You can find more information about tours by clicking here.

We would also love to hear from you. Any ideas you have, words of support, proposals, or anything else are all appreciated! Contact us using the Contact button at the top right of our pages.



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