Rainforest Restoration and Carbon Neutrality

We work on tropical rainforest restoration to promote biodiversity and support the indigenous peoples and help people and business to become carbon neutral to reduce climate change.

Do you want to help with tropical rainforest restoration and make your carbon footprint count as neutral – or better? You’ve come to the right place!

maikol filling box Rainforest Restoration and Carbon Neutrality

Vigorous saplings from the nursery being taken for planting


We return farmland to tropical rainforest. We are the gardeners of the Earth. We are not here to harm it. We call our work of tropical rainforest restoration oxygen farming. This helps to curb climate change. We have a symbiotic relationship with trees, we need each other to live. They breathe in CO2. They breathe out the oxygen we need. We breathe in the oxygen they give. We breathe out the CO2 they need. It works very well, doesn’t it? That’s why we need trees. And we need more trees to take in the CO2 we release from our cars and homes, offices and industry of all sorts.

loading trailer Rainforest Restoration and Carbon Neutrality

Loading up the trailer with as many saplings and planters as we can!


Our work began in 1998 on a 100-acre dairy farm. This lies within the tropical rainforest looking over Lake Arenal. It’s in the north of Costa Rica. In the early years we planted trees to connect the few small forests on our farm. We saw that animals could then move from one forest area to another. This kept them out of reach of predators on the ground. We decided in 1998 to let the tropical rainforest grow back again across the whole farm. Today we have a tropical rainforest here at home.

Roberta Rainforest Restoration and Carbon Neutrality

The huge importance of our work is not just in growing the tropical rainforest back again . We also give homes to native plants and animals. They lost their homes during 80 years of farming and in the past 20 years’ home building for people across Costa Rica. In this area where we are, the tropical rainforest grows back in as little as eight years. This quickly links together the small patches of forest. These links give homes for animals and birds. Some had not been seen in this area for very many years. Also, they allow species which are in danger of dying out to spread. They can mate with others and make their species strong again.

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If you plant it they will come! Tropical rainforest restoration is NOT tree farming. That is a business for profit, and trees are grown then cut down. This leaves the topsoil exposed to the hot sun, wind and torrential rains and is consequently washed away. Our method of native tropical forest restoration is sound. Our reserve now teems with more and larger families of monkeys, sloths and other forest mammals. We have dozens of species of lizards and frogs and over 160 species of tropical birds. As the tropical rainforest grows and thickens, we are rewarded daily by the sounds of monkeys and bird life. This is becoming, again, one of the richest areas of wildlife.

1 Scarlet Macaw Rainforest Restoration and Carbon Neutrality 1 quetzal Rainforest Restoration and Carbon Neutrality 1 blue gray tanager Rainforest Restoration and Carbon Neutrality

Working together to restore the tropical rainforest

We also work with the Maleku people (see the Rio Sol projects pages) to help restore their long lost tropical rainforest home. We grow forest areas through their farm land to link together the forest islands. We help the Maleku to keep their tropical rainforest by paying the land owners. And we aim to do this wherever we can.

La Reserva proves that it is not too late to save the Earth’s tropical rainforest and the life that depends upon it, ourselves included. As our projects grow, we connect with more and more people wanting to take part. Also we work with others who are restoring the tropical rainforest. Together we will make a healing green belt around the world.

What you can do now

You want to help restore the tropical rainforest? You want to be carbon neutral? Then get involved with us! You’ll be very, very welcome!

You want to help restore the tropical rainforest? Take a look at ‘How You Can Help’ and ‘Projects’ on the menu at the top of the page.

You want to be carbon neutral for yourself personally, or your business? Then take a look at ‘Offset Carbon’ on the menu at the top of the page.

And if you want to know what we’ve been doing all these years, check out Roberta’s Forest Blog on the top menu. It’s huge!

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