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Strack Chauffered Transportation, based in Los Angeles, California, has found a perfect match with La Reserva Forest Foundation in pursuing their mission to reduce their corporate carbon footprint and give back to the environment. More, they’re showing their customers that paying their hire fees contributes to them being ‘green’ too! So doing, Strack and their customers are promoting their environmentally-responsible corporate images.

Here’s Matthew Strack (pictured below), founder and CEO of Strack Chauffered Transportation

Matt Hybrids 274x300 Strack Chauffered Transportation

Matthew Strack with two of his ‘green’ chauffered limousines

and here’s Matt writing on his corporate website blog about his initiative in partnering with La Reserva Forest Foundation to fund some of La Reserva’s tropical rainforest restoration projects:

RSGB email sig logo resized 600 Strack Chauffered TransportationRide with Strack and Give Back! Catchy right?? This is our new campaign that we launched on April 1st, 2013. The concept is for every ride taken in a Strack Chauffeured vehicle we’ll plant a tree to help offset our carbon footprint!

Strack Chauffeured wants to do its part to give back to mother nature. In the transportation business our vehicles are on the road A TON! Some vehicles will log over 75,000 miles in a year. Thats a ton of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere… well actually it’s about 333 metric tons per year which is the amount we are looking to offset for 2013. It all comes together with my story below:

I recently visited the beautiful country of Costa Rica in February. Did you know that Costa Rica is planning to be the world’s first Carbon Neutral country by 2021? If you haven’t been to Costa Rica you’ll notice in addition to the Tico’s friendly disposition, they care about their country and the eco system. It’s home to thousands of plants and animals seen in their lush landscape. They even have a saying “Pura Vida”, the literal translation is “Pure Life”. So, it’s no wonder why I went down to learn about the opportunities I could find in helping our mission to give back.

La Reserva Forest Foundation

DSC 0158 resized 600 400x264 Strack Chauffered TransportationAfter miles and miles of dirt roads I came to a reserve run by Daniel and Roberta Ward Smiley a couple of ex-Canadians now devoted to planting to help save the earth. The reserve is located just outside of Tilaran on the way to Arenal with a picturesque view of the Arenal Volcano. Roberta and Daniel currently have a few projects that Strack Chauffeured will be contributing to on our tree planting program. One of which will plant trees to create a “Tree Bridge” in Upala connecting two eco systems that can be used by Monkeys, Sloths, and other animals to traverse from.

DSC 0054 resized 600 400x264 Strack Chauffered Transportation

Just a few months back a sloth now named Zoe was electrocuted traversing a power line. The local power company received a call and took her to a vet that treated the 3-toed sloth and then brought it to La Reserva Forest Foundation where it did its rehabilitation. Pictured with its cone head so that it doesn’t further damage its wounds.

The temperate climate of Costa Rica allows the trees to be active almost all year around. In addition, the trees have almost 10 times more surface area. These are both really important because they contribute to the efficiency of the tree in taking the CO2 from the atmosphere and turning it into oxygen. Trees also being planted are various trees indigenous to these parts of land to best mimic the natural habitat. We estimate that the entire program will last 15 months totalling 9500 trees by the time we’ve reached our number to offset. Due to our growth as well we will still be contributing to planting more trees but with vehicles such as the new Tesla added to the fleet this will help to reduce our footprint.

So Thank You for helping contribute and to those who haven’t we welcome you to take a ride with us and see how you can Ride with Strack and Give Back!

For more information on La Reserva Foundation please visit

“Pura Vida”

Matthew Strack

DSC 0137 resized 600 400x264 Strack Chauffered Transportation

White Faced Monkey

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